Review 05/2019 – 1 of 2

Wow, good month!

There are good things which happened this May. Overall:

  1. Purchase of rental property no. 1
  2. Higher income due to bonus payments
  3. Reservation contract for rental property no. 2
  4. No big additional costs

Let’s put highlights out:

  • Net worth growth: EUR 13.809
  • Biggest growth in cash (operational & saving accounts)
  • Mid-term investments slightly lower – as moving from P2P to long-term assets
  • Long-term assets – invested almost EUR 4.000, but due to market conditions I ended up flat
  • Properties – slight growth – taking into account 1,5% annual growth
  • Financial Independence index – grew from 32,3% to 33,8%, so 1,5%

When I have more time, I’ll add more info per category, Probably in second post this week…

Here comes the detail of my assets. I split home (our permanent house) and weekend house into two categories which is more fair. New property is not visible that much, because I show only net worth (value minus debt allocated), and I took 100% mortgage on this property (yes, still doable, but you have to know the way :)).

See you soon!

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