Review 06/19

This was great month! Even more events happened than I thought, so let’s go thru it. And one remark – I made a mistake in March with the calculation so I went thru the figure and corrected that. All the figures are slightly changed since beginning of 2019.


  • Net worth total: EUR 314.189
  • Net worth growth in June: EUR 4.822
  • Rental flat no. 1 has been rented since July 1st
  • Rental flat no. 2 purchased, down payment done in value EUR 16.447, the flat should be built by April 2020
  • Land for sale was sold – we are awaiting money in July
  • FI ratio
    • Robust one: 37,4%, growth by 0,6%, prediction to retire by mid 2026
    • Weekend House one: 43,6%, growth by 0,6%, prediction to retire by mid 2024


  • Cash
    Not that many changes – only one as I paid down payment of the second rental property. I expect to have far way more cash once the money for the sold land will arrive at our account. My target is to have around EUR 20.000, so I am slowly decreasing it by purchasing another flats and by regular ETFs purchase. But I expect this category to “unfortunately expand” due to sold land.
  • Mid-term investments
    Went down by EUR 400, I would even took more money out of it, but due to slow P2P sold out it is not possible. Saving buildings will be re-classified into “Home Category” pretty soon (once I have time) as I decided that once this product is “matured” (means you keep it for 6 years and you earn guaranteed 3,94% p.a. if you invest monthly) to pay down our home mortgage.
  • Vehicles
    No changes here, slow depreciation of value, we still own 1 small size SUV and one scooter.
  • Long-term portfolio
    Markets got a bit better so we gained EUR 4.100. That was not all thanks to markets as we invested this month EUR 2.700, so the EUR 1.400 is capital markets gain/dividends. The plan is to invest around EUR 4.000 per month since September.
  • Home
    The most boring category :). We did some reconstruction and I always take 70% of costs related to it into value, the rest is costs. I still think I value the property some EUR 40.000 lower than market value, so I think changing/increasing it this way is fair.
  • Rental properties
    I have to consider also my Weekend house as a rental property, because a) we occasionally do rent it and b) we use it as the pledge for both rental properties. I plan some reconstruction in 2-3 years (around EUR 100.000) to make it pretty comfortable place and rental-ready for some 6-9 months in year.
    One flat fully purchased and is being rent, second flat is being built. With current pace we do have space for additional 2-3 flats or we will buy out some family property which some of our family members want to sell.

And now we are just packing and leaving for a week in Austrian mountains :).

What are your plans? How was your June?

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