Review 07/19

Again, one of the best months ever… I actually felt like being already FIREd this month because we had 3 weeks vacation – hiking in Austria with our little one – and our net worth increased pretty much. I could imagine to have all the months likes this :).


  • Net worth total: 326.763 EUR
  • Net worth growth in June: 10.143 EUR
  • Rental flat no. 1 has been rented since July 1st and the first rent has been received
  • I renegotiated new mortgage to cover also rental flat no. 2, so once the flat will be built in April 2020, I will refinance my current mortgage for rental flat no. 1 with this mortgage.
  • Land for sale was sold and all money received! It has been sold for almost EUR 5.000 more than I expected in the valuation!
  • FI ratio
    • Robust one: 38,6%, growth by 1,2%
    • Weekend House one: 45%, growth by 1,4%


  • Cash
    We have far way more than we both need and want, so we do plan to invest higher amounts into ETFs on monthly basis.
    The goal for cash is to keep EUR 20.000 on our both current and saving accounts (around 6 months living costs on Robust FI) – so we are exceeding this pretty much, “unfortunately” :).
  • Mid-term investments
    Slight drop, but all was planned. P2P is decreasing as I transfer all funds back to our current accounts and I will re-invest it into ETFs later.
  • Vehicles
    Category with the best predictability. It drives me crazy sometimes how much money we have already spent for all cars we had, so I need to make some analyses on that in upcoming months to see if ownership of the car has a sense. I guess that leasing or loan with low interest might be better. Our goal should be rather have all money invested and pay older car by loan.
  • Home
    I did reclassify the building savings to Home category (assets-wise), therefore Home has value slightly above EUR 40.000. And we decided not to do bigger mortgage payment now as we do not need to decrease the mortgage value that much (with interest rate 1,59% p.a. ending by April next year). Once our building savings mature (mid next year), I will schedule extra mortgage payment of at least that value…
  • Long-term portfolio
    This month we invested EUR 5.000 and I think we will be able to continue investing around this value for at least 2-3 upcoming years. If we keep investing this monthly amount for 5 years since now, we’ll hit the Robust FI target…
    The major driver of it is sold land – only that one is about to cover almost 7 months by itself + we save kind of a lot per month.
  • Rental properties
    We finally received the money (almost EUR 33.000), which makes relatively fat profit on it. Purchase price was around EUR 16.000 with all related fees and I held the land for 9 months only. There will be some additional taxes applied to it because of short-term buy/sell, but overall the profit on this will be around 100% in 9 months, not bad!
    Concerning other properties, the first one has already positive P/L value (slightly around EUR 2.000) and I will be looking for further opportunities in this category.

How was your July?

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