Review 08/19

Wealth development

As July was one of the greatest months ever, I definitely cannot state the same about August. I had, whole month, feeling like we will again save (P/L wise) around 7-8k EUR, but final result was significantly worse. Let me digest below all the reasons why.

Before we get into details, I do have more news. This is my pre-final monthly update before I do the last one for the September this year. Afterwards I will switch fully to quarterly updates. Why? I do have couple of reasons:

  1. Monthly updates are too frequent. I do not want to spend this time 12 times per year anymore (approximately 45 minutes), I rather use this time for leisure with family.
  2. This frequency does not bring added value. Markets are moving, I have some extra costs this month and not another month etc., so comparing month on month basis does not have added value.
  3. Displaying difficulty. I would still love to share overall development since mid 2015 when I started, but month do provide too much info. Quarterly updates will be probably more informative.

When publishing only quarterly results, I will have more time for writing about financial and life hacks which brings me anyway bigger inner joy :).

Highlights of the month

  • Net worth total: 328.874 EUR
  • Net worth growth in August: 2.110 EUR
  • FI ratio
    • Robust one: 38,8%, growth by 0,2%
    • Weekend House one: 45,3%, growth by 0,3%


July 2019
August 2019
  • Cash
    Dropped by around EUR 3k due to regular purchases of ETFs. No special issues/cases happened.
  • Mid-term investments
    Also lower as redirecting this category into long-term investments.
  • Vehicles
    I mentioned last time that I will prepare overview on car ownership costs. I have it almost ready in excel so I guess I will publish that soon. It will lead me, maybe, to our current car sale :).
  • Home
    Grows, as it issued. I also do have some special savings still kept in category mid-term investments which I will probably reclassify during the September into Home category. As once it matures (mid next year), I will add it to building savings and do extra down-payment.
  • Long-term portfolio
    This month we invested EUR 5.000 in addition, but due to markets drop the end value is higher by EUR 4.200.
  • Rental properties
    So far so good, P/L-wise income grows and no work with that. I am considering increasing next year by 2 additional properties.

And how was your August?

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