I’m in my early thirties, dad of one boy, husband and would love to become financially independent latest when I am 40, that is in the beginning of 2027. With my whole family of course :).

We have started our journey towards financial independence in 2015 when we realised we need to dig more into figures to understand what we own, where do we invest and where do we want to get. Our goal by that time was to accumulate EUR 400k and then see if we need more. Current stats show we achieve this by mid next year :).

We do not spend much, but we are also not extremely frugal. Our goal is to have EUR 1.000.000 in assets, nevertheless with 4% withdrawing ratio we will be independent once having EUR 840.000 already.

So please keep the fingers crossed so that we stay healthy, have good jobs as we do and if you find time to watch out our journey, I’ll be more than happy to share it.

Lifelong Rentier

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